Expand a Business

Growth happens in Washington County because the groundwork that helps make it happen is delivered through a concerted and collaborative effort at both the state and local level. Working jointly with the Development Authority of Washington County, the expansion team at Georgia’s Department of Economic Development District 7 stays closely involved with local businesses, helping to identify solutions that assist in moving more swiftly and efficiently toward expansion goals. That includes:

Expanding markets

Ready to expand your global footprint? In 2021, Georgia’s international trade grew 20% with exports reaching $42.36 billion. The state has international representatives in key markets across the globe, and for companies here in Washington County the state’s international trade team can deliver market assessments and intelligence, help identify global partners and customers, and provide knowledgeable assistance in the mechanics of exportation.

Supporting growth with tax credits

Creating new jobs? Strategic incentives like Georgia’s top Tier 1 jobs tax credit are available to expanding as well as to relocating businesses. Need to upskill for your expansion? Workforce training is available through a retraining tax credit, up to $500 per employee. For companies operating in the state for at least 3 years, Georgia’s manufacturing tax credit may also be available.

Concierge service at every step

From identifying the best funding sources to assisting in the expansion of the facilities footprint to assembling the workforce team for growth ahead, the DAWC is here to assist. Your growth is our goal. 


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