DAWC Services

Great things happen in Washington County because the Development Authority of Washington County (DAWC) is ready to do what it takes to make things happen. A few examples:

Service from day one

The best laid plans have a way of getting even better here. When Endurance Poly Producers first launched in the county, the company planned to construct a new facility. However, when a building became available for retrofit, the DAWC made fast work of lease authorization and subsequently worked closely with local contractors and Poly Producers owner Chris Massengale to help speed the retrofit process.

And the service didn’t end there. “DAWC really helped me get going,” says Massengale. “They were a big part of our success, working with me from day one, from getting the building all the way through the process with financing and financial packages.”

Today, the company is thriving, welcomed by a supportive community and powered by a high-performing workforce and facilities—all achieved within a speedy timeline.

The power of DAWC support

When Mawson Infrastructure Group decided to open a bitcoin mining operation in Sandersville the company leased a one-acre site with a five-year plan in mind. Within a year, however, rapid growth necessitated the lease of another 14 acres as well as the acquisition of more electrical power for the energy-hungry process of bitcoin mining. The DAWC provided critical support for these needs and more.

“Washington County is a good fit for us for many reasons,” explains Mawson COO Liam Wilson. “And the first reason is our fantastic relationship with the Development Authority of Washington County. They are very pro-business and have made doing business very easy.”

In addition to providing rapid leasing, the DAWC also assisted in energy sourcing. For the heavy load clean energy the company desired, all three of the county’s power producers were enlisted. “The DAWC quarterbacked that for us,” says Wilson, “and that made the whole process extremely smooth.”

Partnership and friendship

Beyond that, Wilson notes that the Development Authority integrated Mawson into the community. “They cut out all the red tape for us, and connected us with the right people in town, all the right vendors to look after our logistics and our operations.”

Today, Wilson sees a bright and lasting future in Washington County, where already residents show their support wearing Mawson t-shirts and hats. “At the end of the day, the DAWC are not just business partners. They’re also friends, and they will connect you to the right people to make sure your business is a success.”


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