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Jul. 18, 2018
The Development Authority of Washington County, at their regularly scheduled… more 

Aug. 15, 2017
Jayson Johnston Approved as Executive Director for Development Authority of… more 

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Put a world of advantages to work for you.

To extend your reach and expand your opportunities, look a little deeper into the heart of Georgia to discover a globally competitive location offering a rich portfolio of resources in a central, work-ready location. Natural resources, human resources, and a deep-rooted pride in performance—all together a powerful combination ready to work for you right now.

Washington County puts the earth’s assets to work for you: From an abundance of unspoiled land to the flowing waters of three rivers, from towering timber grown in the center of the Southeast’s “wood basket” to deep deposits of kaolin clay, mined responsibly by industry leaders who broke the mold to pioneer earth-healthy practices. Finally, tap into the vital resource of character in a historic community where low costs and a solid work ethic ensure industrial strength.  All in a central Southeast location offering perfectly equal access to Georgia’s four major metros, and to global air and port connections.  Our superb stock of acreage includes two rail-served GRAD (Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development)-certified sites, and our custom-tailored package of Georgia incentives puts your operation well on the road to ROI and enhanced profitability. A whole world of advantages that makes Washington County the best place on earth for your global success.

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Jeff Elder
For more than 90 years, the Trojan brand has been synonymous with quality and reliability, and demand for our batteries continues to grow. Our Sandersville manufacturing facility will significantly contribute to the company’s ability to supply both deep-cycle AGM and flooded batteries to meet the ever-growing customer requirements for Trojan deep-cycle batteries around the world.

-Jeff Elder
President and Chief Executive Officer, Trojan Battery Co.