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Abundant capacity, affordable rates: You’ve got the power in Washington County, where negotiation and superb utility resources keep your operational efficiency and productivity on-go 24/7.

Electricity: The power of choice.

Abundance, affordability, and for users of energy in excess of 900 kilowatts, one more strategic advantage—the power of choice between three superior providers.

Georgia Power: A division of the Southern Company, Georgia Power boasts a diverse mix of energy sources that include not only gas and oil and coal, but also solar power through five projects at Georgia military bases, and nuclear power through Plant Vogtle, the nation’s first new nuclear power plant in more than 30 years, coming online in 2020 bringing emission-free and affordable energy. Georgia Power stays ahead of the curve in powering up productivity.

Washington EMC: Although Georgia is one of the five fastest-growing states in the nation, Georgia EMCs, the state’s electrical cooperatives, have kept rates at a level well below the national average. “We Bring Power to the People” is more than just a slogan for Washington EMC, which provides users with power in more ways than one.  Tired of being just a customer? As a member/owner in a non-profit electrical cooperative, your operation has the power to help select Washington EMC’s board of directors, which sets policies and procedures. Efficiently provided energy with a greater voice in your service—that’s real power.

Sandersville Electric: As a member of Municipal Electrical Authority of Georgia (MEAG) Power, the state’s consortium of public energy providers, Sandersville Electric provides all the cost benefits of publicly-provided energy, backed by the stability and strength of an organization with over $9 billion in assets, delivering reliable and competitively priced wholesale electricity to the 49 member communities that own their local distribution systems. The public option that really pays off.

Gas: The power of deregulation.

In Georgia’s deregulated gas market, gas consumers enjoy greater control and flexibility to choose the fixed or variable rate plan that best suits their bottom line needs.

AGL Resources: This region’s distributer, Atlanta Gas Light (AGL), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Gas Company, and the Southeast’s largest natural gas distributor, serving approximately 1.55 million commercial, industrial and residential customers. Size plus service makes AGL a smart choice.

Water: The power of clean capacity

Sandersville offers excellent water resources through three primary treatment plants, three elevated water towers and six deep-water wells. While it’s no surprise that water is plentiful, given an aquifer that feeds three rivers, it’s good to know that not only is wastewater capacity is 1.75 million gallons per day, but also that biological treatment insures that the quality of the discharge water is superior to the receiving stream.


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