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People “home in” to Washington County housing for all kinds of reasons.

For example, for those who think first and foremost of architecture and design, Washington County opens the door to an unusually rich diversity of style and excellence that includes so many historic treasures that the County has four designated historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places as well as multiple individual listings. Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Georgian—it’s a long list of styles and a remarkable collection of architectural character. Eminent minister/architect Charles Choate made his home in Washington County at the turn of the twentieth century as he was making his mark as one of the leading architects in the American Southeast, and today our streets and neighborhoods are richer for it.

For some, the word “home” conjures thoughts of neighborhood and family life, and here Washington County residents are similarly blessed with welcoming neighborhoods along with excellent schools, both public and private, and more than 120 churches representing over a dozen denominations. And for those who pine for a “home in the country,” Washington County also offers plenty of available acreage to create a country home or even estate.

Of course, for most people the question of  “how much” will inevitably arise when thinking about home, and here Washington County really shines, with a median home price of $62,000—98.6% below Atlanta’s median home price, 49.9% below Macon’s median price, and 63.1% below Milledgeville’s median home price. That means more house for a significantly lower investment, with more funds available every month for living well right now as well as saving for the future.

So find your style, find your price point. The deals are sweeter on your home sweet home, and the future is brighter when you “home in” to Washington County.



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